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Changing our ways for the better doesn’t always come easy, and we might not even get a lot of chances to do so, but changing for the better is never too late.

Anthoney’s Return From Hell by Anthoney Pate is a story of second chances. It’s a story of being saved from the bowels of hell itself and given a rare opportunity to redeem oneself. It’s a story about Jesus Christ giving someone the chance to change themselves for the better.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and discuss some of the steps that any person can take so that they, too, may change for the better!

Step 1: Detail the Changes You Wish to Make, Like in Anthoney’s Return From Hell

Ask yourself, “In what ways do you wish to change your life?” Whatever it is, you might hear a voice in your head telling every one of the reasons that rationalize why your idea “will never work,” “stupid,” or “unrealistic” as soon as you have it. Pay no attention to that voice. That voice is wary of anything new.

Step 2: Encourage Your Family and Friends to Get on Board

Nobody achieves greatness by themselves. Remember that you require the assistance of people in your quest to improve your life.

Additionally, you must control those who purposefully hinder or dissuade you from making changes in your life. When you begin to make modifications to your life, a lot of people will naturally dislike you. However, this does not imply that they are evil people.

Keep in mind that change can be unsettling, uncomfortable, and frightening. However, to change your life, you might have to defend yourself against others who unintentionally want to drag you back to your former self. With that said, it’s common for altering your life to also alter your friendships.

Step 3: Make the Decision to Change Your Life

Changing our ways for the better might sound like the most obviously sound decision we can make, but it can be tricky. It might even be the hardest decision a person has to make. The reality of things is that learning how to change your life is difficult. Super difficult.

Similar to Anthoney’s Return From Hell, wherein a former killer gets “fished” out of hell by Jesus Christ to do good, change doesn’t happen overnight. Your dreams can force you to relocate to a place unfamiliar to anyone, depending on your desire to improve your life. In order to make room for new friendships, you may have to let go of ones you’ve had for a long time.

Put differently, transforming your life requires making some difficult choices. To what extent do you wish to alter your life now? And what are you prepared to sacrifice to make that change a reality?

You can do practically anything once you decide to transform your life for the better, come hell or high water.

Step 4: Keep In Mind That Change Is for the Long Run

You will find it difficult to make a significant change if you are attempting to create a plan to transform your life in 30 days. Successful people have a long-term perspective. Thus, prepare yourself for a lengthy journey and exercise patience.

Pay attention to the process rather than the outcome. Take a look at it like this: you will never succeed in climbing Mount Everest if your only focus is on reaching the summit. Put years of work into your training, preparation, and climbing; forget about summiting.

You will eventually succeed if you approach the situation one day at a time or develop one foundational habit every day.

How Anthony’s Journey to Hell Prompts Changing Our Ways for the Better

Sometimes, it takes a person’s mishaps to make us realize that we need to change our ways. People can be stubborn at times, and our minds can be against change. It’ll often create rationalizations that pull us into the unchanging loop of thought that gets us nowhere.

However, if there is anything we can get from Anthoney’s Return From Hell by Anthoney Pate, it’s possible to change with Jesus Christ in our hearts.

Purchase a copy of the book today and follow Anthoney’s journey from hell and back. Read some of our other blogs, too, and understand the great reasons why we should forgive people and ourselves.

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