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Finding the reasons why we should forgive people, including ourselves, can make an extremely difficult process a bit easier to accept and do.

Anthoney Pate, author of Anthoney’s Return from Hell, is a book about God’s forgiveness. The story revolves around Anthoney, a demon whom God rescued from hell, giving him a chance to atone for the wrongs he has done and for his sins. In the book, Mr. Pate highlights that God is merciful and forgiving.

But what exactly does “forgiveness” mean, and why should we practice forgiveness whenever possible? Read on as we offer some reasons why forgiveness should be a priority for us.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the act of releasing the anger or resentment that we have. No, reconciliation does not imply forgiveness. You don’t have to stay in a similar relationship or put up with an offender’s detrimental actions.

A word many of us both love and despise is forgiveness. It is a wonderful act of grace regarding what God performs with our acknowledged sins. It’s as if God hits the erase key on His heavenly computer whenever He pardons our misdeeds.

It’s one of the most difficult things to give to someone, and it virtually invariably ends up in the hands of undeserving recipients. Some don’t even appreciate talking about how hurt we feel when others do.

How Should We Go Through About Giving Forgiveness?

The act of forgiving is frequently overshadowed by the world’s noise and the diversity of perspectives on handling hurt. We regrettably live in an imperfect world filled with suffering and ill will. Thankfully, since Jesus has already triumphed over the world, Christians don’t have to abide by its rules.

If you’ve ever experienced severe hurt or wrongdoing, the Lord is all too aware of how you feel. The Bible contains numerous instances of people saying and doing terrible things to Jesus Christ, yet he consistently walked in the Spirit, refusing to allow his heart to harden.

We must get close to God since forgiveness is something our body finds challenging to comprehend. We hope and pray that everybody who reads this may experience a personal encounter with the Lord. We also wish He will grant them further peace wherever they need it.

Here are some of the reasons why we need to forgive.

1. Forgiving Someone Frees Us From the Pain of Bitterness

If we wish to maintain our peace and stop the poisonous seeds of bitterness from growing roots in our souls, we must first forgive. It’s why we should forgive people. When you harbor grudges against someone and refuse to provide forgiveness, you allow satan to infect you with bitterness. Insecurity also prevents you from receiving the gifts the Lord wishes.

We don’t choose to accept or justify what happens when we forgive one another. It’s deciding to let go of the hurt and animosity, and enabling the Lord to repair any harm it may have done. These are some reasons why we need to forgive.

Our mental, spiritual, and even bodily health are all harmed when we hold those negative emotions like hurt, rage, and hatred inside. As we’ve already said, holding onto grudges may figuratively poison your mind and heart.

Doing ourselves a favor and forgiving as soon as possible is much simpler in the long term if someone states or does anything wrong to us.

2. A Person’s Vengeance Doesn’t Equate to It Being God’s Justice

If you’ve ever been disappointed in someone, rejected, or simply wounded by anything that happened, the thought of getting even may have struck your mind. Wanting justice for yourself is natural, but the world’s “settling the score” is typically against the Lord’s desire. In other words, a person’s vengeance is not considered God’s justice.

Anthoney Pate’s book about God’s forgiveness talks about the power of second chances, not revenge. Forgiveness should focus on using that second chance for the better instead of focusing on revenge.

3. We Forgive Because God Forgave Us

You’re likely already familiar with this one. The primary justification for forgiving others is that God already did it for us. He is so loving and willing to pardon us when we honestly beg, so we should be as well. Most of the time, it is not simple, but the more we train our souls and draw nearer to the Lord, the simpler it becomes.

It’s Time to Stop Wondering Why We Should Forgive People and Just Do It

Now that you know why we should always be ready to forgive, it’s time to do the deed. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy, but we must do what is right, and forgiving is right.

If you wish to read more about forgiveness, then Anthoney’s Return from Hell is what you need. Grab a copy of Anthoney Pate’s book about God’s forgiveness, and don’t forget to check out our other blogs to discover redemption through God in Anthoney’s Return From Hell!

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